Monday, November 24, 2014

For My Favorite Dancer

As you know, my niece is one of the most special people in my life...

I had been out of work for a year and a half (yes, it's been a year since I posted...) and I'm out of money, so this Christmas is the smallest it's been since I was in college. In an effort to have special gifts, I have decided to make gifts (again).

This year, my wonderful niece is the beneficiary of my needles...

I've discovered that I'm sorta snobby and picky about patterns. I've also discovered that it's rather simple to make your own pattern, as long as you have a model, measurements, and patience. For my first project, I just could not find exactly what I was wanting it to look like. I found one pattern that gave me guidance, but it was not nearly as user friendly as I would have liked.

I knew she needed a shrug because the dance studio is C.O.L.D in winter. Plus she prefers leotards that are sleeveless and strappy...yet whines when she is cold. She's allowed to wear a sweatshirt in some classes, but in ballet that's a big no-no. So, super Auntie to the rescue!!!

Long Sleeve Ballet Shrug 

*I can't guarantee that this will fit your dancer. Your best bet is to figure out your gauge and take measurements. My niece wears a 10 in shirts.* 

280+ yards of size 4-medium weight yarn (I used Red Heart Shimmer - 1 skein)
Set of 4 double pointed needles, circular needle, or two circular needles (depending on your favorite way to knit in the round) - Size 8
Stitch markers (if you want)

CO 32 sts, space evenly across dpn
Join stitches

Row 1: *k1, p1 *repeat to end of round
Repeat this row (knit the knit stitches, purl the purl stitches) until piece measures 1 inch

Make thumb hole: continue ribbing, but when you reach the end of the row, don't join it to the other side, just work it across again.... for 1 inch (for this part, it's like you're knitting flat)

Make arms: after one inch, join the sides again and knit in the round (you're creating a tube, basically) Knit every round for 9-10 inches, then increase (knit in front & back of stitch) twice, evenly spaced across row. Continue to knit until sleeve is as long as needed (18 inches).

Make back panel: transition to knitting flat by not joining...
Row 1 (RS): k2, stitch marker, k across (place a stitch marker prior to last 2 sts)
Row 2: k2, p to stitch marker, k2

Repeat Row 1 & 2 for width of back (about 15 inches)

Your last row should be a RS row. Join in the round.

Knit each round for 8-9 inches, then decrease (k2tog) twice, evenly spaced across row.
Continue to knit until sleeve is as long as needed (16 inches).

Row 1: *K1, p1 *repeat to end of row - DO NOT JOIN
Repeat this row for 1 inch, never joining.

Join and repeat row 1 for another inch.
Bind off in pattern.

If you prefer, you can knit the whole item flat then seam it. I hate seaming, so that's why I created this in the round. If you have questions on knitting it flat, then seaming, feel free to ask.

This pattern is not for sale. It can be used for personal use. You may NOT sell any items made using this pattern. 


(This pattern was written in 2013, but never got posted. Oops!!)

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