Friday, November 2, 2012

Potatoes and Farms

I am so very blessed by so many different people and I often forget to thank God for these blessings. So, lest I forget, thank you Jesus for being blessed by those around me!

A friend of the family is part of a farm co-op thing and she always brings home way more veggies than she can use, so she often shares with my sister, which is awesome because that's one less thing for my sister to buy. Well, about 2 weeks ago, my sister and I went to the farmer's market and she stocked up on veggies, only to receive a huge donation from said friend. At the beginning of this week, my sis decided to share her bounty of veggies, mainly potatoes.

I love potatoes, in all their starchy goodness, mainly because they can be made sooooo many ways. I decided I need to find some potato variations. I came upon another food blog and found this potato recipe. I am currently using mom's kitchen to make a large batch of potatoes. Shhhh...

Maybe one day I'll share a recipe that I actually created? Potatoes are baking, potatoes are boiling, this girl's tummy is waiting to eat!

So, my spin...

I used garlic powder on some.

I used some thyme on some.

I plan to make one or two like a potato jalapeno popper... basically, I chopped up some jalapeno and I'm putting that with a dollop of cream cheese on the potato... it sounds delicious, right?

I bet they would delicious with some cheesy broccoli over the top...

So, since I don't want the potatoes to go bad and I'm making a large amount, I'm putting some into freezer bags, in a glass container, in the freezer. I hope to be able to just warm them in the microwave or oven when I'm ready to eat them!

Here are my tips:
1. Don't be shy with the herbs/seasoning if you want flavor.
2. Use smaller potatoes... mine were quite large and just didn't smash as well.
3. Don't despair if you try to smash them and they just break apart, mine did the same thing. I just used smaller portions then.

Do you know how hard it is to not eat the plate of potatoes that are waiting to be frozen??

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