Friday, June 29, 2012

Hot Summer Day...

I think I'm going to put two posts into one post for the sake of you, my readers. Which, by the way, I'm loving the support I'm getting from all of you!! 

As I'm writing this, it is a comfortable 82 degrees in my apartment. I'm sure it would be much hotter, but I've got these older (but very practical) curtains on all 4 of my windows in my living room. Which, if you've never been in my apartment, is about 50% of the space in my apartment. The bedrooms put together are smaller than the living room, but that's okay with me. So, the reason these curtains are so great is they keep the sun out. They also do a fairly good job of regulating the temperature. I say 82 is comfortable today because it was about 95 all day, with heat indexes above 100... so the fact that I'm writing at 9 pm and it is 82 is good... I have a small fan blowing on me, so I might find it more uncomfortable if that wasn't the case. Wow, holy tangent! 

A few weeks ago, I applied for a job with a Christian organization. This organization works with families. The position that I applied for is working with youth. I don't want to give more information, but the job sounds like it would be rather challenging, but has the potential to be rewarding. I also found another job that is working with a nonprofit organization that aims to help teen girls. This one is something I would really enjoy. The drawback is that it isn't Christian in nature, but that doesn't mean that I wouldn't enjoy it. I have yet to apply for this position, but I intend to do that soon. The job search is hard. I found that even though I have a Bachelor's degree and 6 years of job experience, I'm unqualified for many jobs that are available. I am continuing to look for jobs, especially those that are working with youth, but I'm open to finding a job working in an office. 

Knitting... I have a project that I'm dying to tell someone about, but I can't. I know, that only peaks the curiosity of everyone reading... but I will share about it when I can... which will most likely be when the project is finished! I just have to remember to take "along the way" pictures. I should actually start a blog on that specific project... 
So, anyway, I do have a project that I can share!! I started last fall on a Christmas present for my brother... I thought, for sure, that I'd find time to finish it and he'd have a hat  to wear for winter. Well, Christmas came and went and the hat was not done. So, I tried to finish it many times after that. Finally, I finished the hat, but I had to stitch it together. I tried doing it by hand and that just wasn't happening. I ordered some yarn from Lion Brand and got some yarn needles, so I finally finished this gift on Wednesday. 

I gave my brother his hat and after he laughed, he said "This doesn't look feminine does it?" haha I love him!! 

This wasn't my first hat. I actually made a few last summer/fall. One is very feminine. The other was a typical red knit hat with a large pom on top! 

I used two yarns to create this scarf.

I have added a few pictures of some scarves that I knit last summer. Here is the pattern for the Zig Zag Scarf. Mine didn't turn out as long as the one in the pattern, partially because I used different yarn than what was called for. Also, because I didn't have enough yarn to make it longer. I would probably use a thicker yarn or larger needles to make it a bit wider and longer next time. 

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